Idaho Rally Group

With Rally Sport being known around the world as one of the most entertaining, adrenaline-fueled, and downright amazing events around, we were absolutely delighted to be able to form the Idaho Rally Group for the local community. Our formations began around 2010, after a couple of us had solidified our commitment to the sport and began to think about how we could expand it. Our main aim is to promote Rally Sport to as many people in the Idaho area as possible, as we know full-well that the more people who come to see and experience it, the more interest there will be among young people to try it out.

The highlight of the year is always the fantastic Idaho Rally International that has been held since the summer of 2008. It is the pinnacle of what we do here at Idaho Rally Group, as the spectacle is the complete occasion for any fan of Rally Sport. Riders from around the world come and join us in this race, with the winner taking home a huge amount of bragging rides and pure respect from all involved. With a successful 2016 Idaho Rally International recently tucked away, we’re preparing to come back next year for even more 4-wheel entertainment that’ll get everyone’s pulses racing!



In other news, we’ve also previously held RallyX races which have been warmly appreciated by all and sundry. Open to all sorts of classes – such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, buggies, custom builds, and more – these events are primarily held as a warm up to the Idaho Rally International main event. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not competitive, with all racers involved giving 110% when it comes down to winning. Despite the fierce rivalries that have been developed at both racing events in Idaho, we’re delighted to point out that the sportsmanship showed by all has been second to none. No arguments, no fights, just pure Rally Sport which we all know and love.

We’re always on the lookout for new members to join Idaho Rally Group, so if you or anyone you know are interested in getting involved in the sport then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you’re a complete novice, then researching other events alongside the ones we put on would be a great start. We all remember the first time we went to a Rally Sport event, with the vehicles flying past, the smell of petrol and the cheering crowd staying with us forever. You’ve only got one life, so you may as well try everything once – it just might be the best thing you ever do!

If you want to be notified about Idaho Rally Group in particular, then please sign up as a member of our website to get the latest scoops. We have a variety of information to give away, both to experienced and novices, so it’s certainly beneficial if you want to get more involved in the sport. It also only takes a couple of minutes too – we’re not going to ask you to pen your life story! Just a few personal details and away you go. We hope you enjoy being a member of this fantastic community of Rally Sport enthusiasts.