Rally Sport – what more can we say about this amazing event that hasn’t already been said!? If you want to truly spice up your day with the most enthralling spectacle you’ve ever seen, visiting a rally race is certainly one of the options available to you. It’s a sport like nothing else – intense, detailed, powerful, shocking – pretty much all the adjectives you can think of. However, we appreciate that there are many parts of the world which are unaware of rally, and we think this is a crying shame. As part of our commitment here at IdahoRally.com, we’re going to give newcomers a brief description of what to expect from Rally Sport, so they can be immediately hooked! We hope you enjoy it.


To kick-off this list, we’ll start with the main components themselves – the vehicles. Rally consists of a load of highly-powered vehicles zooming around different terrains at lightning speeds in search of a better time. They’re specially built to deal with the bumps and bruises that they sustain as the drivers inflict them with punishment in search of record times, while also taking care not to be too heavy to slow the whole process down. What’s more, these cars must be legally drivable on streets due to the occasional need for races to incorporate public roads.


The terrains come in all shapes and sizes too, and it’s not impossible to see a rally driver embark upon a course that differs dramatically as the track goes on. Ranging from off-road gravel mud paths to beautifully tarmacked mountain passes, Rally Sport really does give the people everything. It’s impossible not to get sucked in if you’re a fan, with people often giving it a go themselves.

Think hurtling around a course of varying structures is easy? Think again, as rally drivers are some of the most skilled on the planet. It’s not just every inch of the terrain that drivers must master either, with the weather often playing its part, as it does with any motorsport. Staying alert to the surroundings is a huge mental and physical strain on drivers, which is why they need a little help from their willing co-drivers.


As rally drivers can’t practice the course, their co-driver must help them along the way by navigating around the track to get the best possible time. Therefore, communication by these trusty partners is crucial to any success that a team may have, and co-drivers are well-known as the vital piece that glues the whole thing together. Drivers – ignore them at your peril!


We couldn’t finish without mentioning the entire framework that Rally Sport is based on – the fans. Without you, the sport wouldn’t have gotten off the ground, so we’re all extremely grateful for the time and effort you put in to all kinds of Rally Sport activity. While watching on the TV is great, we highly recommend that you go and watch a rally event live for the true experience. Trust us, you won’t look back and regret it. What’s more, most of the events are free to attend too, so you won’t be spending a single penny once you’re there!